About Us



What is FrogLipz

FrogLipz is an Ozonated Olive Oil that acts as an antioxidant that speeds up healing-time for cold sores, bites, warts & more.

Our Founders

FrogLipz was founded by two dentists who started using ozone in their practices after learning about the natural benefits. Dr Jeff and Dr Don saw so many patients helped and healed much quicker than with the conventional medicines they started doing more research into ozone. They wanted to give their patients more way to experience relief naturally.

In medical applications ozone is kept in tanks until it is used. Ozone is highly unstable and becomes ineffective minutes after exposing it to air.

During their research they discovered that the best way to keep ozone stable so that it can be used by general consumers is to run it through high quality oil. So the doctors found the process that puts the most ozone into the highest quality oil and FrogLipz was created.

Try FrogLipz for your cold or canker sores and experience relief naturally!

Why Ozonated Oil?

High quality ozonated oils have the benefit of holding ozone almost indefinitely. The key is the way the ozone is diffused into the oil.

FrogLipz used the highest quality process ensuring the ozone will be effective and give you relief naturally.